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Our Automation

Share intelligence at machine speed.


Automation with Soltra lets you leverage the power of STIX/TAXII data, letting organizations publish, receive and route important cyber threat intelligence.

Soltra can act as publisher, receiver and router of important STIX/TAXII threat intelligence information.

It can be used by communities such as ISACs and ISAOs to publish threat intel information. It can also receive STIX/TAXII from government feeds, open source feeds and even your own feeds.

By bringing all your intelligence into one repository, it’s easy for your analysts to search and filter items as they build theories of attack.







• Share threat intelligence with ISACs, ISAOs, industry associations, communities, trust groups, DHS and others 

Serves as a router of threat intelligence to your security applications and devices such as your SIEMS or firewalls 

Easily connect to leading vendors such as IBM, LogRhythm, AlienVault, Splunk, CISCO and more

Direct two-way sharing with the DHS AIS feed and receipt of the FedGov feed

Robust search and tagging for easy organization

 Supports both STIX 1 and STIX 2.1

Manage CTI sharing with TLP markings and additional privacy and security controls