A Celerium Event

Automotive ISAC Summit 2019

October 23-24, 2019 - Plano, TX

Cars and supply chains are more connected than ever.

Celerium's Cyber Defense Network can help you stay secure.

We're looking forward to joining our friends in the Automotive community at the Automotive ISAC Annual Summit in Plano, TX on October 23 and 24, 2019! 

Tommy McDowell, the vice president of strategy for Cyber Defense Network, will be speaking on cybersecurity risks in the automotive supply chain and how these risks can impact the automotive industry at all levels. Celerium is a Platinum sponsor of the summit.

Want to schedule some dedicated time with our on-site representatives? Use the form on this page! We hope we see you there.

Why stop by?

  • Learn about CDN Supply Chain, a new solution designed to help secure your supply chain by defending it against cyber threats.
  • Celerium can help unify teams and give you a secure space to discuss vulnerabilities and other threats.
  • Our automation tools help you make the most of the threat intelligence you receive from Automotive ISAC and other sources so you can use it effectively.

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