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Soltra Membership

Has your Soltra trial expired?

Never fear! You have options to continue using the best threat communication platform.

Has your 30 day Soltra trial expired? No worries! You have options. We have several packages available so you can continue using Soltra with all the features and options you're used to. Contact us to find the plan that's right for you.

Is your license expiring?

If your Soltra license is expiring, please contact us to begin the renewal process.

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Configurable Solutions

Proactive Defense

Which solutions will enable your cyber threat intelligence program?


Community Cyber Defense

A unique community mechanism that makes the community and members more cyber secure.


Cyber Defense Collaboration

A secure communication portal to discuss cyber threat intelligence and other cyber security concerns.


Machine-to-Machine Threat Sharing

A threat router utilizing STIX/TAXII, giving you one place to receive all your cyber threat intelligence from all your sources.