Introducing CDN Supply Chain

Sep 26, 2019 11:00:15 AM

Cyber threats are increasing in their danger and ability to cause serious disruptions within key supply chains. According to some estimates, up to 80% of cyber breaches occur in the supply chain. And, as recently as September 2019, the cybersecurity firm Symantec uncovered a large supply chain compromise involving at least 13 companies throughout Saudi Arabia.

The nature of these escalating attacks on suppliers includes:

  • Component hardware and software compromises
  • Backdoor attacks
  • Indirect attacks via logistics (Maersk and NotPetya, IT and energy sector attacks)
  • New forms of destructive ransomware (these attacks are increasing in pervasiveness)

For any industrial organization that relies on a community of suppliers and dealers, information and sharing should be at the core of its cyber defense strategy.

That's why we created CDN Supply Chain, a community-oriented solution that will help industrial enterprise organizations in the aviation, automotive, defense and energy sectors protect and defend their supply chains.

CDN Supply Chain focuses on empowering cyber defenders to learn, engage and collaborate through informational solutions and cyber threat sharing.

The informational solutions are intended to help address the critical labor shortage in the cybersecurity industry, and to provide cybersecurity and threat intelligence knowledge and skills for the supply chain ecosystem.

  • The CDN Academy will provide video-based expert interviews and panel discussions to address basic and advanced cybersecurity issues.
  • CDN also will offer periodic industry updates and special coverage of threats and critical events.

Cyber Threat Sharing mechanisms will facilitate the sharing of cyber threat intelligence information among an organization's community of suppliers:

  • Community dashboards will enable cyber threat situation awareness
  • Action functions such as automation bots can enable suppliers to respond quickly to ever-changing threats.

Celerium, previously known as a cyber defense unit of NC4, has a rich, 13-year background in supporting cyber threat sharing in the financial services, defense, aviation and automotive industries.

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