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Soltra 3.4 is here. Get excited for full STIX 2.1 support!


Soltra 3.4 is here. Get excited for full STIX 2.1 support!

Sep 2, 2020 4:45:23 PM

If you’re using cyber threat intelligence to defend your organization against threats, you’re probably receiving it from several sources. Perhaps you’re a member of an ISAC or ISAO and receive their feed; you might also subscribe to open source feeds or purchase intelligence from commercial feeds. No matter what combination of feeds you’re using, there’s a ton of data coming into your system. How do you ensure the right intelligence gets into the right tool? That’s where Soltra®, powered by Celerium®, comes in.

As the most powerful threat intelligence router on the market, Soltra gives you a central database for all your data, making it easy to send intelligence where it needs to go while also giving you ground truth for research using your threat intelligence. With this week’s release of Soltra 3.4, Soltra now fully supports STIX and TAXII 2.1, allowing you to ingest and use more threat intelligence with more context. Soltra also supports STIX and TAXII 1.1.1 as well, to give you the most flexibility as you defend your organization.

Has it been a while since you’ve taken a look at Soltra? Here are some new features and improvements in Soltra 3.4 and from previous releases you may have missed!

  1. Full support for STIX and TAXII 2.1

You can now consume and publish STIX 2.1 data over TAXII 2.1 with Soltra, helping you preserve the fidelity of your data. STIX 2.1 added many new threat objects and relationships between objects, allowing you to go beyond indicators of compromise and deepen your understanding of the threats that may be facing your organization.

  1. Improved routing dashboard

Wondering what your top sources for cyber threat intelligence are? Curious about where your team most frequently shares information? The new and improved dashboard gives you a clear picture of how much data you’re receiving and where it goes and comes from. Need to present to management about the flow of your intelligence? Copy the dashboard into your presentation or report!

  1. Put a tag on it

Soltra 2.14 introduced a powerful tagging feature to help you stay organized. As Soltra receives intelligence, each piece of data automatically gets a source tag so you know where it came from. If a piece of data comes in from multiple sources, it gets tagged with all of them, helping you determine your most useful threat intelligence sources. You can also add additional tags, such as for industry specific or high priority pieces of intelligence. Learn more about tagging in Soltra in this video from Chet Weaver, a Technical Support Center Analyst with Celerium!

Ready to give Soltra a look for yourself? Request a free 30-day trial today to experience world-class threat sharing at machine speed!

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