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CMMC Background-V2

CMMC Virtual Summit


Featuring an interview with Katie Arrington, CISO for the DoD Acquisition Office, and panel discussions on the international impacts of CMMC and the legal consequences of the cybersecurity model. Scroll down to see the program and find time codes for relevant segments.


Virtual Summit Program

Below is an overview of the content of the CMMC Virtual Summit. Timecodes are noted for your convenience. 

2:33 - Keynote interview with Katie Arrington, CISO for the DoD Acquisition Office 

31:26 - CMMC Academy International Alliance Panel

  • Commander s.g Jesper Rasmussen, Defense Industrial Cooperation Attaché at the Royal Danish Embassy in the United States.
  • Jeffrey Troy, President and CEO of Aviation ISAC 

48:28 - Overview of the free CMMC self-assessment solution from the CMMC Academy. 

53:15 - CMMC Legal Panel

  • Michael Mutek, General Counsel, Defense at Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Fred Geldon, Senior Counsel at Steptoe & Johnson LLP 

1:22:24 - Advanced CMMC Discussion: Process Maturity and Situational Awareness

  • Andrew Hoover, Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and one of the original architects of the CMMC model
  • Steve Shirley, Executive Director at National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center 

1:53:52 - Overview of CMMC Academy and Celerium

1:58:06 - Interview with Regan Edens, CMMC Accreditation Body 

2:17:56 - Demo of CDN110, Celerium's entry-level cyber threat intelligence solution