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Congratulations on taking an important step in the security of your organization by joining H-ISAC! H-ISAC partners with Celerium to help make the entire healthcare sector more secure by using Soltra to collect and share threat intelligence. While the H-ISAC feed can be accessed using any TAXII client, purchasing your own instance of Soltra empowers you to do so much more than just receive data.

With your own instance of Soltra, you're able to have one repository for all of your threat intelligence from all your sources while reducing your attack surface. You can then quickly and easily organize and prioritize data, make new connections, and send the right data to the right tool at the right time for defensive action. Using Soltra to receive your data also helps maintain data fidelity so you can take advantage of everything provided in your threat intelligence feeds.

Celerium also has solutions for secure human collaboration and accelerating defensive actions across the supply chain and community.

As a member of H-ISAC, you have access to special pricing of Celerium solutions! Use the form to the right to contact us for a demonstration.

Please note: Celerium is unable to grant access to the H-ISAC feed. Please contact H-ISAC directly for assistance with the H-ISAC feed.

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