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Celerium provides a series of solutions to empower you to meet your cyber defense potential.



A unique community defense experience that streamlines your entire process while making everyone more cyber secure.

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Automated Cyber Defense

A threat router, giving you one place to receive all your cyber threat intelligence from all your sources

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Intelligent Collaboration

A secure communication portal to discuss cyber threat intelligence and other cyber security concerns

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Cyber Defense Network

See how Celerium makes defense possible through community visualization and defensive actions!

Video-Secure Collaboration


Cyber Defense Solutions

See how information sharing in a secure environment is critical to your community!

Video-Machine Automation


Machine Automation

See how machine automation for receiving and sharing data with your SIEMS streamlines your cyber defense!

Join CDN Global

Do you want more credible intelligence? Would it be helpful to see what others are doing to combat specific threats? Do you need to make your analysts more efficient? If the answer is "Yes" then let us show you how our CDN Global community can supercharge your cyber threat intelligence program.

"Given the increasing threats to the financial services industry, it's imperative to improve the cyber defense for the industry at large as well as for individual members. CDN will begin with initial defensive measures that will grow over time. "
- Aubrey Chernick
"FS-ISAC supports our affiliate partners in their efforts and goals to improve the effectiveness of community cyber threat sharing while also enabling proactive defense. NC4’s new initiative - Cyber Defense Network for Financial Services - is aligned with the overall sector objectives to improve how intelligence is shared and acted upon. "
- Bill Nelson
"NC4 Mission Center will provide our members a highly secure, web-based platform for communication and collaboration, and a rich suite of collaborative tools and functionality that is configurable to meet the needs of their information sharing requirements, "
- Faye Francy - Auto ISAC