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Enterprise Supply Chain Ransomware Risks:

Strategic Resilience, Legal, Automotive Insights

Explore the forces taking global supply chain management in new directions -- including evolving and increasing ransomware threats.


Business executives and boards of directors are grappling with the critical supply chain disruption issues caused by international trade (such as China decoupling) and Covid-19. However, recent ransomware threats to supply chains are causing a supply chain risk management responsibility and duty of care issue for corporate leadership. 

This webinar explores ransomware risks against a company’s core suppliers from a legal perspective, as well as the risks from the automotive industry perspective. The capstone aspect of the webinar focuses on three aspects of strategic resilience that warrant understanding and attention from corporate leadership.

Guests include:

  • Charles Helleputte, partner at Steptoe heading the EU cyber, data and privacy practice.
  • Josh Poster, programs operations manager at the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC)
  • Jeff Weiss, partner at Steptoe and leader of the firm's supply chain team




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