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Supply Chain Security

Secure your entire environment, from your smallest supplier to your largest partner, with the Cyber Defense Network.

Supply Chain Security

80% of cyber attacks begin in the supply chain. It's not enough to secure just your organization; it's crucial your suppliers are also secure. You're only as secure as your weakest link.

No business or organization is an island. You have suppliers and critical partners you depend on to keep your business running. Celerium's Cyber Defense Network (CDN) can help you defend your entire supply chain, from your smallest supplier to your largest partners, with solutions ranging from cybersecurity intelligence services and education to more advanced cyber threat sharing.

The CDN family of solutions includes advanced cyber threat sharing solutions created for hub organizations (Primes, OEMs) to sharing threats and information with their community (internal staff and suppliers).

The advanced cyber threat sharing capabilities allow you to quickly and easily share indicators of compromise and other machine threat data with your suppliers and community through automation and bring your supply chain into a secure portal for powerful, focused collaboration on threat data. Our collaboration and automation solutions can be combined or used separately, based on your needs.

Cyber Defense Network solutions empower the best of community defense by enabling defensive actions right from the platform. Community insights allow suppliers to take action on threats based on what other suppliers or community members are seeing; this means they can take defensive action before they spot a threat in their own network, making the entire supply chain more secure.




• Provide information about current threats, vulnerabilities, and threat actors to even your smallest suppliers

Quickly share indicators of compromise and other machine-readable threat data with your supply chain

If you're a defense contractor or supplier, CDN can help you meet the situational awareness requirements of CMMC

Bring your suppliers into a secure portal for focused collaboration on threats and incident response

Empower suppliers to take action on threats before they see them in their own network through the power of community insights

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