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Soltra lets you leverage the power of STIX/TAXII data, letting organizations publish, receive and route important cyber threat intelligence.

Soltra is a powerful threat communication platform that can act as a receiver, publisher, and router of threat information. Want to see Soltra in action? Fill out the form to the right! Our sales team will get in touch with you to schedule a demonstration.

Here are a few benefits of Soltra:

  • Share threat intelligence with ISACs, ISAOs, industry associations, communities, trust groups, DHS and others

  • Serves as a router of threat intelligence to your security applications and devices such as your SIEMS or firewalls

  • Easily connect to leading vendors such as IBM, LogRhythm, AlienVault, Splunk, CISCO and more

  •  Direct two-way sharing with the DHS AIS feed and receipt of the FedGov feed

  •  Robust search and tagging for easy organization

  •  Support all eight STIX core constructs

  •  Manage CTI sharing with TLP markings and additional privacy and security controls


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Configurable Solutions

Proactive Defense

Which solutions will empower your cyber threat intelligence program?


Community Cyber Defense

A unique mechanism that makes the community and members more cyber secure.


Cyber Defense Collaboration

A secure communication portal to discuss cyber threat intelligence and other cyber security concerns.


Machine-to-Machine Threat Sharing

STIX/TAXII, giving you one place to receive all your cyber threat intelligence from all your sources.