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Real-time, Automated
Compromise Activity Defense

Implement in 30 minutes or less. Request a demo today. 


Reduce Cyber Threat Overload and Effectively Defend Against Cyber Compromises

Celerium's Compromise Defender™ solution detects and automatically blocks, contains, and disrupts cyber threats and compromise activity such as reconnaissance, C2 server activity, scanning, and more.  

The solution works with popular public-facing perimeter firewalls and is fully automated, meaning no integration with SIEMs or other security tools is required. It's also autonomous so once it is set up, there is no day-to-day management required.

  • Assessment: Continuous monitoring of network threats and cyber compromise activity through Compromise Defender's integrated analysis and reporting platform. 
  • Defense: Turn on automated blocking to stop threats and disrupt compromise activity. 


MOVEit Vulnerability and the CL0P Ransomware Gang 

The CL0P Ransomware Gang recently exploited vulnerabilities in MOVEit Transfer to launch ransomware against commercial businesses, federal government agencies, and state and local government entities. Celerium quickly implemented IOCs from CISA for the defense of organizations against the MOVEit vulnerability and associated CL0P ransomware threat.

RESOURCE: Cyber Defense Against Cl0P Ransomware Gang's MOVEit Exploit

Beyond the current MOVEit threat, Celerium’s Compromise Defender solution can be used against future attacks and threats from CL0P, malware campaigns, and phishing attacks – including those automatically generated by ChatGPT and other AI-enabled technologies and threat actors.

Through a blend of proprietary and patented analytics, and high-end threat feeds, Compromise Defender uses a Decision Engine hosted on the secure AWS cloud to automatically re-optimize the blocklist for a firewall every 15 minutes.


Solution Implementation   


CDN Requirement Graphic

Solution implementation takes 30 minutes or less and draws upon several sources of threat intelligence, including the latest information from CISA.

  • Non-intrusive implementation at the firewall -- no new hardware or black boxes to install and no software to download. See supported firewalls here. 
  • Implementation takes 30 minutes or less.
  • Utilizes a Decision Engine hosted on the secure AWS cloud.


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Protect Your Organization with CDN Compromise Defender.

Detect and disrupt compromise activity automatically. Sets up in 30 minutes or less so you can defend against cyberattacks easily and effectively. 

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