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Enterprise Organizations

While companies face cybersecurity demands, enterprise organizations have the unique challenge of securing multiple divisions or locations. Celerium facilitates improved situational awareness of threats impacting the entire enterprise. 


Common Operating Picture of Overall Cybersecurity 

Don't get buried under thousands of potential threats. Celerium offers a high-level common operating picture to help identify areas requiring attention.  


Fortify Cyber Defense Everywhere

With the ease of configuration and operation, the CDN Compromise Defender solution can be used to protect and secure every location and division that leverages a firewall. 


Get Started Today

We want you to know how easy configuring and running our solution is. That's one of the reasons why we offer a free 60-day trial. Contact us today to see a demo of the platform and start your free trial.   

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How We Help


Improve Situational Awareness 

A common operating picture report is provided to show the status of all components of the enterprise – making it easy to see which area needs attention. 


Protect the Community

When threats are identified and blocked at one location, that defense is automatically put in place for all locations. 


Reduce IT Burden

Our solutions are simple and straightforward – set up takes 30 minutes or less and requires no dedicated staffing.