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Engineered to be straightforward and effective, our solutions are purpose-built to help budget and time-constrained organizations.



CDN Compromise Defender™

Detect and automatically block, contain, and disrupt cyber threats and compromise activities such as reconnaissance, C2 server activity, scanning, and more. The solution is fully automated and autonomous – configuration takes 30 minutes or less, and no day-to-day management is required.

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Network Threats Detected


CDN Network Defender™ 

Exclusively for MSPs and MSSPs, Network Defender provides 100% automated network threat detection and blocking. A wholly SaaS solution, there’s no new hardware or software to install. And it’s 100% automated with no agents or analysts required. Protect your clients’ networks… effortlessly.

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Compliance Training

Looking for help with CMMC 2.0 / NIST 800-171?

Glean insights from our team’s years of experience implementing compliance standards and our experience as an official Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) and Registered Provider Organization (RPO) with the Cyber AB. Join our free CMMC Academy and explore our fee-based online training courses.

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