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Our Solutions

Taking a proactive stand against cyber threats.

Visible Defense

In use by thousands of security professionals across industries and governments, Celerium solutions are changing the way we manage cyber threats. As a community, we need to sift through the quagmire of data to find relevant intelligence. We need to use that intelligence proactively to defend our networks and organizations and make our communities safer. And we need to help each other prioritize the volume of activity to understand the hierarchy of threat actors.

With Celerium’s Cyber Defense Network, private and public organizations are proactive about cyber defense, faster to respond to threats and smarter about their response.

In order to defend against threats, we must first know what's important. Together we can identify important threats, automate our reaction to those threats and proactively keep our networks and industries safer.


Why Celerium?

We've got this!

Celerium provides a variety of solutions that empower our customers to take a proactive, aggressive stance on cyber security.  Whether you are a Board Member, CISO, SOC Manager or Analyst, our Cyber Defense Network can give you visibility into the cyber attacks that have the most significant impact on your operations, and give you the quick and easy tools to defend against those threats. Here's how we do it:

  • Showcase a single repository for effective and efficient research
  • Mitigate the impact of staffing shortages and improve effectiveness of existing staff
  • Manage third-party risk
  • Unify and coordinate operations
  • Show return on investment and compliance with policy
  • Accelerate cyber defense actions
  • Find and prioritize relevant threat data
  • Receive enriched data for more effective actions

Configurable Solutions

Proactive Defense

Which solutions will empower your cyber threat intelligence program?


Community Cyber Defense

A unique mechanism that makes the community and members more cyber secure.


Cyber Defense Collaboration

A secure communication portal to discuss cyber threat intelligence and other cyber security concerns.


Machine-to-Machine Threat Sharing

A threat router utilizing STIX/TAXII, giving you one place to receive all your cyber threat intelligence from all your sources.