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Industries We Serve

Celerium is working to reduce the burden of overloaded IT teams at organizations with critical missions. 


Defense Contractors

Protecting the Defense Industrial Base from nation-state threat actors is mission critical. CMMC and NIST 800-171 compliance training helps defense contractors with certification so they can continue to support the defense of the United States. Our Cyber Defense Network provides an automated layer of security that can block network threats and provide early warning of potential data breaches. 

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Enterprise Organizations

As cybersecurity becomes more crucial for all organizations, enterprises face unique challenges in securing data hosted at many locations. By providing a common operating picture of threats at many or all offices or data centers, Celerium facilitates improved awareness of potential compromises and data breaches so IT and IT security teams can focus on what’s most important. 

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Health Care

Health Care

Data breach defense is crucial in healthcare to safeguard sensitive patient information, such as medical records and personal data. The increasing number of data breaches in the healthcare industry, coupled with the increasing digitization of health records, means healthcare organizations urgently need robust defense measures.

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Small and medium-sized businesses are big targets for cyber attackers, as SMBs often need more resources and skills to address cybersecurity adequately. We partner with MSPs and MSSPs to deliver automated, cost-effective cyber defense to secure customer networks. 

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State and Local Government

With a duty to protect constituent data and continuously operate critical services, state and local governments need strong cyber defense measures – but they often struggle with time and resource constraints. Celerium's solutions set up quickly, require no day-to-day management, and cost less than complicated cyber solutions that exist in the market today.

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Get Active Cyber Defense Solutions

Detect and disrupt compromise activity automatically. Sets up in 30 minutes or less so you can defend against cyberattacks easily and effectively.

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