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CDN Network Defender Name

Providing active defense against cyber threats coming into your network. 

Celerium, with its acquisition of Dark Cubed, powers active cyber defense solutions that are effective and easy to use. 

CDN Network Defender provides 100% automated threat detection and blocking to protect organizations and communities from increasing cyberattacks. 

The patented Decision Engine technology compares incoming traffic to firewalls against more than 100 sources of cyber threat intelligence to generate a block list for a specific firewall. This is updated every 10-15 minutes to ensure new threats are being blocked.  

See the list of supported firewalls here. 

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  • 100% automated
  • Re-optimizes every 15 minutes
  • Set up in just 15-30 minutes
  • No new hardware or software required, and no analysts or agents needed.


An important line of defense for a gap in overall cybersecurity.

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