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Celerium + CenSec


Celerium Inc. is proud to be a member of CenSec, the prime Danish cluster organization for companies specializing in high-tech industries like defense, homeland security, space, aerospace, and cybersecurity.

CenSec also is a member of Celerium’s CMMC Academy International Alliance program in an effort to bring CMMC awareness to the Danish defense industry.


{Upcoming Event} Showcase for Commerce 2023

As a CenSec member, Celerium will participate in one of the most recognized defense exhibitions, Showcase for Commerce in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


CMMC and Global Supply Chain {Webinar}

Celerium, in partnership with the American Danish Business Council, hosted an international webinar exploring the topics of CMMC and its impact on the global supply chain.

Celerium Announces Partnership with CenSec to Bring Cybersecurity and CMMC Awareness to Danish Defense Industry

CenSec joined the CMMC Academy’s International Alliance which brings together international organizations focused on supporting the implementation of the U.S. DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program.