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CMMC Insights: Level 1

Our CMMC Insight Courses help you prepare for CMMC compliance by training you on the required practices and what an assessor might look for.

Gain CMMC Insights

Level 1

The CMMC Insights Level 1 Course for defense suppliers will significantly enhance DOD supplier/contractor understanding of the information provided in the CMMC Assessment Level 1 Guide and CMMC Reference/Source documents by focusing on a detailed description of exactly what is needed to comprehensively prepare for an assessment, what an assessor is looking for, and the evidence and validation criteria required to pass a Level 1 assessment. At the completion of the course mock assessment exercises are provided as practice to further reinforce readiness.



What You'll Learn

  • Describe the CMMC Model, the 17 Maturity Level 1 Practices and supporting documentation
    Define and differentiate between FCI, CTI, COTS and CUI
  • Apply best practices to guide and help your organization gain CMMC Level 1 certification and tailor your approach to accommodate different environments
  • Define, examine, and self-evaluate practice sufficiency, implementation and performance
  • Differentiate methods of defining maturity of practice, including: Adequacy – Do we have the right information? and Sufficiency – Do we have enough data?
  • Prepare for a CMMC Maturity Level 1 assessment using the recommended 4 phase CMMC Assessment Methodology
  • Clearly understand CMMC practice objectives, scoping/assessment boundaries, validation criteria, types of objective evidence required, what assessors are looking for, who assessors want to talk to, and the types of questions that may be asked.
  • Practice using CMMC Maturity Level 1 Mock Assessment scenarios

Configurable Solutions

Proactive Defense

Which solutions will empower your cyber threat intelligence program?


Community Cyber Defense

A unique mechanism that makes the community of members more cyber secure.


Cyber Defense Collaboration

A secure communication portal to discuss cyber threat intelligence and other cyber security concerns.


Machine-to-Machine Threat Sharing

A threat router utilizing STIX/TAXII, giving you one place to receive all your cyber threat intelligence from all your sources.