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CMMC Insights courses provide CMMC training and insights for companies seeking CMMC certification (e.g., contractors to the U.S. Department of Defense or GSA). Created with insights from our experience with the CMMC Accreditation Body, these courses are intended to help get into the mind of assessor and prepare for CMMC assessments.

CMMC Insights: Get Into the Mind of a CMMC Assessor

These online-only courses provide CMMC training to companies seeking CMMC certification. A Level 1 course is now available, and a level 3 course is coming soon. 

Preparing for CMMC assessment is a key part of achieving CMMC certification, but where to start? How can companies know what the assessor will be looking for? And what evidence is needed to support the assessment? 

Our CMMC Insights courses were created to help those who are preparing for a CMMC assessment understand what information the assessor will want to see, in addition to provide comprehensive training material on the CMMC practices in a given level. 

Benefits of the course include:

  • Comprehensive instructional material at the specific CMMC level 
  • Advanced self-assessment tool to track progress and provide an executive dashboard of CMMC readiness status 
  • Advanced online reference guide 
  • Celerium has deep knowledge of CMMC as an official Licensed Partner Publisher, Licensed Training Partner, and Registered Provider Organization with the CMMC Accreditation Body
  • Fully beta tested with a variety of DOD suppliers with a range of auditing/assessment experience

One-year access to the learning portal is provided, and we will provide updates on changes to CMMC as clarity is provided on items such as reciprocity. So there's no downside to investing in the course now.


CMMC Level 1 Course



Interested in purchasing more than 1 course? Contact us: info@cmmc.academy

CMMC Level 3 Course



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Level 3 Situational Awareness Edition



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