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CMMC Insights Level 3 Suppliers Course: Situational Awareness Edition

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The Situational Awareness Edition  of the CMMC Insights Level 3 Course for defense suppliers adds threat reports  to help companies comply with CMMC practice SA.3.169. This is in addition to the course material which provides comprehensive instruction on CMMC level 3, and advanced tools to help track implementation and assessment readiness. 


This Situational Awareness Edition of the CMMC Insights: Foundations & Level 3 course for defense suppliers and government contractors provides all of the information and tools in the main course and adds a section with threat reports to help companies comply with CMMC Level 3 practice SA.3.169. This practice states: "Receive and respond to cyber threat intelligence from information sharing forums and sources and communicate to stakeholders."  Included in the course portal are reports on recent threat activity and recent vulnerabilities. 

What You'll Learn

    • Describe the CMMC Model, the 17 domains, Level 1 through Level 3 practices, processes, and supporting documentation
    • Define and differentiate between FCI, CTI, COTS and CUI
    • Apply best practices to guide and help your organization gain CMMC Level 3 certification and tailor your approach to accommodate different environments
    • Define, examine, and self-evaluate practice sufficiency, implementation and performance
    • Differentiate methods of defining maturity of practice, including: Adequacy – Do we have the right information? and Sufficiency – Do we have enough data?
    • Prepare for a CMMC Maturity Level 1 through Level 3 assessment using the recommended CMMC Assessment Process
    • Describe best practices for CMMC process requirements: policies, procedures, and plans
    • Describe the 20 CMMC Delta practices
    • Clearly understand CMMC practice objectives, scoping/assessment boundaries, validation criteria, types of objective evidence required, what assessors are looking for, who assessors want to talk to, and the types of questions that may be asked.
    • Practice using CMMC Level 3 Mock Assessment scenarios

Course Outline

    • Module 1: Introduction & CMMC Model Overview
    • Module 2: CMMC Federal Contract Information (FCI) & Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
    • Module 3: CMMC Assessment & Certification Best Practices
    • Module 4: CMMC 4 Phase Assessment Process
    • Module 5: Validating Scope for CMMC Assessments
    • Module 6: CMMC Processes Overview & Best Practices
    • Module 7: CMMC Delta Practices Overview
    • Module 8: CMMC Maturity Level 1 Practices & Validation Criteria
    • Module 9: CMMC Maturity Level 2 Practices & Validation Criteria
    • Module 10: CMMC Maturity Level 3 Practices & Validation Criteria
    • Module 11: CMMC Model Reference Documents
    • Module 12: CMMC Maturity Level 1-3 Mock Assessment Exercises
    • Final Quiz
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