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CDN Network Defender Case Study: Montreal Technicians

CDN Network Defender Case Study: Montreal Technicians
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The existing cybersecurity stack included MDR for workstations and Office 365, yet the firewall had no extra protection. Montreal Technicians chose this solution because it added an important and cost-effective line of defense in what the customer identified as a gap in their overall cybersecurity strategy.


Celerium helped the customer install the CDN Network Defender solution to automatically detect and block cyber threats at the firewall. Per the customer, the Celerium team was with them at every step during the initial roll-out, checking in at regular intervals, to ensure the setup is working as it should.


Upon installation, the customer was able to identify a computer on the guest network that was full of pirated software, reaching out regularly to risky websites. Without this solution, the customer would not have found and been able to address this cyber risk.