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Your parents told you nothing in this world is free.

If you’re a Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cybersecurity (CS) Program participant, they were wrong.

Through its DCISE3 Service, DC3/DCISE is offering an automated threat detection and blocking solution to DIB CS Program Participants at no charge.






The solution requires no software to install, no hardware, no agents, no resources to monitor or maintain, and deploys in minutes. 

It automatically blocks cyber threats at your firewall, protecting your company from a constant barrage of cyber probes and attacks. Celerium blocks tens of thousands of new threats from its customers’ networks every month.

What might it see and block from your network?

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"Having analysts reach out to us regarding traffic anomalies is one of [the service's] greatest advantages...knowing that we have a second layer watching our traffic, and proactively reaching out with possible concerns, is invaluable."

DIB CS Participant
Defense Technology Manufacturer

Want to learn more about DoD’s DIB CS Program, apply to become a Participant, or need information on obtaining a DoD-approved medium assurance certificate?
Just visit the DIB CS Portal at https://dibnet.dod.mil/dibnet/