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collaborating on cyber threats intuitively

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It takes a dedicated team working together efficiently to collaborate effectively on cyber threat intelligence. Celerium Mission Center gives teams a secure communication portal for focused collaboration; with Premium chat, your team can accomplish more together, easily, effectively, and even more intuitively!

Premium Chat gives your team the ability to create channels for communication, in addition to the threaded discussions already part of Mission Center. Users can direct message each other, create group messages, use @ mentions in both messages and channels, and use emojis, making it easier than ever to create and respond to messages and helping conversation and collaboration flow more naturally. Premium Chat users can also share files directly within the system, so collaboration is even more efficient!

As with all Celerium features and solutions, Premium Chat is protected by Celerium’s commitment to security, including multi-factor authentication. Celerium will never use, analyze, or sell customer data.

Contact us today to learn more about how Premium Chat can streamline your threat intelligence process and help your team collaborate effectively and efficiently!

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