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CDN Network Defender

Cybersecurity isn’t easy. Celerium's cybersecurity resources page provides links to dozens of 100% free resources you can use for your own business or for your customers. These include training resources, policy resources, guides, videos, and free tools. 


100% automated and intelligent solution that stops cyber threats in real-time.


The patented Decision Engine technology consumes a data feed from the firewall, automatically scores each connection using a blend of proprietary analytics and over 80 threat feeds, then automatically updates the firewall’s block list to block high risk connections.

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No New Hardware Required

No Software to Install (100% SaaS)

No Agents or Analysts (100% Automated)


How Long Does It Take?

About 15-30 minutes


How Often Does It Reoptimize?

Every 10-15 minutes


What Does It Cost?

Regular reporting shows the threats identified and blocked.


How Do I Know It Works?

Regular reporting shows the threats identified and blocked.


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Automatically defend against cyber threats... effortlessly

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