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Celerium + NACo

As a corporate member of the National Association of Counties (NACo), Celerium works to help county governments learn about and improve cyber defense.




National Association of Counties (NACo)

Counties are a rich target for attackers, given the amount of critical data in county systems. However, the cyber skills gap and funding challenges often prevent counties from being able to enact appropriate cyber defense measures. From our Black Diamond sponsorship of the NACo 2022 Annual Conference to becoming a Gold Corporate Member in 2023 and facilitating a cybersecurity pilot program with NACo members, Celerium is committed to supporting NACo and its members. 

"Celerium's solution helped identify cyber threats – some not found by other tools in use – almost immediately after implementation,"

Rita Reynolds


Learn more about the ways that Celerium works with NACo and NASCIO and their members to facilitate strong cyber defense among county and state governments.  


Celerium-NACo Cybersecurity Pilot Program

Working with the CIO of NACo, Celerium embarked on a four-month cybersecurity pilot program to help overwhelmed county IT staff with early detection and defense of cyberattacks. 

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How Overloaded County IT Organizations Can Address Traditional and New AI-Generated Cyber Threats

Hosted in conjunction with NACo’s Tech Xchange program, this webinar provided important information to help counties understand the emerging threats they face and how to address them. County IT organizations are already overloaded dealing with cyber threats that could result in data breaches, loss of system access resulting in the unavailability of critical services, and more. New cyber threats generated by AI or chat add additional complexity on top of everything else. 

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Helping County and State Governments Defend Against Cyberattacks

If your organization is a member of NACo or NASCIO, or you’re interested in more information about our involvement with those organizations, let’s chat. 

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