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CDN Network Defender™

Your customers trust you with their business. Protect them from cyber threats with our 100% automated network threat detection and blocking solution built for MSPs and MSSPs.

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Easy to implement

Set up in 30 minutes or less, with no new hardware or software to install.


Automated and intelligent

No agents or analysts are required as the patented Decision Engine runs 24/7 and re-optimizes every 15 minutes.


Works with popular on-prem firewalls

If you manage your customers’ firewalls, you need this solution. See our complete list of supported firewalls here.


Simple monthly subscription model

Our month-to-month contracts mean no long-term commitment is required.


Easy-to-understand monthly reporting

Deliver monthly reports to your customers as proof of the value of your services.


Runs on the AWS cloud

You can rest easy knowing that the solution is securely hosted on the AWS cloud. No client data is seen or shared.

Why use CDN Network Defender?

Keeping your customers safe is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. We help solve the cybersecurity challenge for the SMB and mid-market using intelligent, effective automation balanced with affordability.

Network Threats Detected

How does it work?

The patented Decision Engine technology consumes a data feed from the firewall, automatically scores each connection using a blend of proprietary analytics of more than 100 threat feeds (open source and commercial), and then automatically updates the firewall’s block list to block high-risk connections.

"[Network Defender] gives me peace of mind and one less thing to worry about."

a Texas MSP




Case Study: Montreal Technicians

The existing cybersecurity stack included MDR for workstations and Office 365, yet the firewall had no extra protection. Find out why Montreal Technicians chose CDN Network Defender as an important and cost-effective line of defense in what the customer identified as a gap in their overall cybersecurity strategy.

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Net-Defender-Solution Brief

Solution Brief: Scoring the Risk of an IP Connecting to a Network

Irrespective of the attack vector, methodology, objective, or sophistication, every cyberattack must be launched from a computer with an IP address. This resource explains the scoring approach used by the CDN Network Defender solution.

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Net-Defender-Defending SMB

Defending the SMB Community 

How network data from five small businesses highlight the importance of rapid threat identification and blocking. Find out what was blocked and what kind of activity the high-risk IPs were engaging in.

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Protect your customers from cyber threats with CDN Network Defender.

Automated network threat detection and blocking solution built for MSPs and MSSPs.