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What Our MSP Partners are Saying


Australian MSP

"You guys have really created something - this is a great solution. WOW!"

MSP with Nationwide Presence

"I love the simplicity of the solution and the no BS pricing…"

Pennsylvania MSP

"[Network Defender] gives me peace of mind and one less thing to worry about."

Texas MSP

"This is great, I love the dashboard. (saw several 8s and 9s after turning it on for the first time)"

Florida MSP

"[Network Defender] is wonderful at adding an automated layer of defense against bad guys."

Florida MSP

"[Network Defender] is a great platform that fills an unfortunately undervalued need."

New Jersey MSP

"That's the first time I've ever been to a demo that didn't have any bullsh*t. We look forward to being your largest partner in Ireland."

MSP (Ireland)

"Guys, this is cool as s%$t - I'm rolling this out to all of my customers..."

Texas MSP

"We have onboarded more than 30 new [Network Defender] instances recently, and we are seeing continued uptick in attacks on business public IPs. They are at a volume the firewall internal IPS is completely saturated…and completely incapable of properly rating the new IP traffic due to lists updating daily. If you're supporting critical infrastructure, government contractors of critical infrastructure and/or local governments, please let's get [Network Defender] deployed BEFORE you need it. It'll significantly shorten the resolution timeline, if resolution is needed at all. Thanks to the [Network Defender] team, we can provide a full 30 days not billed…let's just get it implemented."

Texas MSSP

"Less than a day and I have 992 threat counts… really glad we signed up ..."

Northeast US MSP

"We had a call with several of our MSP clients today, and at the end, when we discussed what we do to remediate ransomware & protect the client going forward, I said they MUST start with [Network Defender]."

Southwest US MSSP

"[Network Defneder] has a unique value proposition with a market solution that no one else is offering. Their technology approach is highly effective, implements quickly and scales to meet demand."

Large Texas-based MSP

"I am really impressed with your platform, it has already provided our clients with much needed protection."

South African MSP

"It's really been a HUGE time saver for us and it's quickly becoming a standard for most of my security clients...super easy to set up...console is incredibly easy to use."

Texas MSSP

"So good news. [Network Defender] caught a potential attack on a workstation at {client customer name withheld} last night. 45+ level 9 attempts were logged. This should be enough for us to deploy it out to all of their offices and then move on to other customers, as now we have a reference threat protection we can show customers."

Tennessee MSP

"We love your product. We are going to sell a ton of it 😊"

Massachusetts MSP

"I think it's a great product."

Ohio MSP

"We had a suspicious set of IPs show significant NAT device connections this AM. We got word and within 15 minutes we had Dark Cubed on a Zoom call helping us ensure we didn't have an active compromise…and helped look at a few of the IPs in question to see if they existed as risks across their multiple backend rating platforms. Try that with a firewall manufacturer, if they could help at all."

Texas MSSP

"[Network Defender] solves the lack of automation/monitoring of most firewalls at a basic level without requiring a full time SOC which adds a ton of security and value for a low entry cost."

Canadian MSP