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Auto-ISAC Announces Celerium as Strategic Partner

October 10, 2019


The Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) announced yesterday the addition of Celerium as a strategic partner in the prevention of cyber threats to the connected vehicle.

Formed by automakers in 2015, Auto-ISAC serves its members as a central hub for sharing and analyzing threat intelligence and emerging cybersecurity threats. As the voice of the global auto cybersecurity information sharing community, Auto-ISAC promotes collaboration between suppliers, commercial vehicle companies and automobile manufacturers.

Celerium is honored to join Auto-ISAC's strategic partner program as an innovator in cyber threat information sharing and collaboration. The automotive cybersecurity landscape is only becoming more complex as vehicles from light-duty to commercial fleets adopt emerging technologies and more connectivity. Celerium is committed to working with Auto-ISAC to foster a collaborative cyber threat risk mitigation ecosystem. 

Celerium is sponsoring the Automotive ISAC Annual Summit in Plano, TX on October 23 and 24 where Tommy McDowell, vice president of strategy for Cyber Defense Network, will be speaking on cybersecurity risks in the automotive supply chain and how these risks can impact the automotive industry at all levels.