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Aviation ISAC to Join CMMC Academy as Inaugural International Alliance Member

April 20, 2020


Organizations will work together to facilitate implementation of new U.S. Department of Defense CMMC cybersecurity certification program


Monday, April 20 -- El Segundo, Calif. -- The CMMC Academy, an initiative of Celerium Inc., announced today the formation of an International Alliance program, with the Aviation Information and Analysis Center (A-ISAC) as its inaugural member.

The A-ISAC is the global consortium for cybersecurity information sharing across the aviation sector, including members that contract directly with the U.S. Department of Defense. In addition to joining the International Alliance, the A-ISAC will serve on the CMMC Academy's advisory council, and its member companies will be eligible for free membership into the CMMC Academy.

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program is an effort by the United States Department of Defense to improve cybersecurity across the 300,000 contractors in the defense supply chain. CMMC stratifies suppliers into five different cybersecurity maturity levels; level five is the highest certification level. 

The CMMC Academy offers
free membership to defense suppliers, and provides those contractors with:

  • CMMC Overviews: High-quality video overviews and tutorials are present for small, medium, and large defense contractors.
  • CMMC Details: An online reference guide provides CMMC details for each of the 171 practices.

The Aviation ISAC was founded in 2014 by seven global aviation companies, and it is led by an international board of directors. A number of their members are suppliers to the U.S. defense industry, therefore requiring implementation of appropriate CMMC compliance requirements. 

The CMMC model “consists of maturity processes and cybersecurity best practices from multiple cybersecurity standards, frameworks, and other references.”[1] Jeffrey Troy, president and CEO of A-ISAC, stated, "The CMMC certification program is focused on the protection of sensitive data and we are interested in CMMC Academy and their International Alliance for two reasons. First, CMMC is of direct interest to our members that are suppliers and contractors to the U.S. defense sector. Second, we are closely following the emergence of third-party certification of cybersecurity programs.
We are excited to work with the CMMC Academy, and to serve on the Academy's advisory council to further the education on CMMC.”

The Academy's International Alliance program is a way to bring together major international organizations that are focused on supporting CMMC certification. 

Tommy McDowell, general manager of Celerium, added, "The Aviation ISAC is a global organization with a highly respected membership of major defense suppliers. We are particularly delighted to have them as the founding member of the CMMC Academy's International Alliance.”  

About Celerium

Celerium is the leading supplier of cyber threat intelligence sharing solutions for critical infrastructure organizations serving the defense, aviation, automotive, and financial services industries.

Celerium also powers the next generation of information-sharing organizations, including ISAOs and ISACs. Relied on by government agencies, enterprise risk management teams, CISOs, and SOC analysts, Celerium supports all critical infrastructure and market sectors. Learn more at www.celerium.com.


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About the Aviation ISAC

The Aviation ISAC (www.a-isac.com) is an international, non-profit membership association created to facilitate the timely exchange of vulnerabilities, threat intelligence, and best practices to reduce operational risks and provide the means for trusted sharing and professional exchange.

With members on five continents, the A-ISAC fosters the foundation of trust underpinning aviation-focused cyber threat intelligence and information sharing designed to better protect global aviation businesses, operations, and services. Membership in the A-ISAC is open to trusted private sector global aviation companies. Our vision is a safe, secure, efficient, and resilient global air transportation system.


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[1] Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) version 1.02, March 18, 2020, US Dept of Defense Office of the Undersecretary of Defense https://www.acq.osd.mil/cmmc/docs/CMMC_ModelMain_V1.02_20200318.pdf