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Celerium Named a Licensed Partner Publisher by CMMC Accreditation Body, and Debuts CMMC Quiz and Self-Assessment Tool via CMMC Academy

September 17, 2020


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- The CMMC Academy, an initiative of Celerium Inc., today announced that the CMMC Accreditation Body approved Celerium to be a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP). Additionally, the Academy announced the availability of two new tools to help defense suppliers prepare for CMMC: A Knowledge Readiness Quiz to help companies assess their understanding of CMMC, and a Self-Assessment Solution to help companies assess their implementation of CMMC practices.

Since its formation in January 2020, the CMMC Academy has provided resources to help defense suppliers understand and navigate the CMMC requirements through overview videos and webinars – including a Virtual Summit featuring Katie Arrington, CISO for the U.S. Department of Defense Acquisition Office -- and an online reference guide that makes it easier to navigate the CMMC controls and practices.

As one of the first Licensed Partner Publishers approved by the CMMC-AB, Celerium will develop training curricula for CMMC assessors based on the AB’s Body of Knowledge. This work will also strengthen the CMMC Academy’s ability to provide deeper insights and knowledge to defense suppliers who need to be certified by CMMC assessors.

Two new tools available from the CMMC Academy include:

  • A CMMC Knowledge Readiness Quiz will help defense suppliers test their knowledge and understanding of the CMMC program -- including the key business issues regarding CMMC and the assessment process. 
  • A CMMC Self-Assessment Solution, available as a secure Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, enables defense suppliers to perform a basic assessment of their CMMC practices implementation.

“We’re excited to be one of the first companies approved as a Licensed Partner Publisher with the CMMC-AB,” said Celerium General Manager Tommy McDowell. “As an LPP, we’re looking forward to being able to provide education for aspiring CMMC assessors, in addition to providing insights to defense suppliers seeking certification. The Academy will continue to help defense contractors, especially those small-to-medium-sized businesses within the DIB, understand and prepare for CMMC. Our free solutions, including the new Knowledge Readiness Quiz and Self-Assessment Solution, can be helpful resources for organizations to assess where they are and where they need to go regarding CMMC.”


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