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Celerium Partners with Retail & Hospitality ISAC to Support EX-RH2021

May 13, 2021


The RH-ISAC, in conjunction with DHS/CISA, is hosting the retail and hospitality sector’s first industry-wide cybersecurity exercise in June 2021. 

The EX-RH2021 exercise is designed to challenge the participating companies when it comes to:

  • Incident management and escalation
  • Operational decision making
  • Cross-disciplinary coordination
  • Executive decision making
  • External communications

Celerium is partnering with RH-ISAC to support this exercise by providing EX-RH2021 participants with complimentary access to a sector-specific Cyber Defense Network portal. This portal will include a feed of relevant cyber threat intelligence related to the retail, hospitality, and travel industries. 

We're excited to support the RH-ISAC in the EX-RH2021 exercise. Read more about Celerium's partnership with RH-ISAC here.