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CL0P Ransomware Gang, MOVEit Transfer Vulnerability, and Celerium’s Compromise Defender™ Solution

June 24, 2023


Here we are again: Another high-profile cyberattack is impacting commercial businesses, federal government agencies, and state and local government entities – among other organizations.

This time, the CL0P Ransomware Gang is behind the attack. CL0P emerged in 2019 and increased its profile with cyberattacks in early 2023. This time, the threat actor exploited vulnerabilities in MOVEit Transfer, a file-transfer service.

CISA and the FBI put out a joint advisory encouraging organizations using MOVEit Transfer to take recommendation actions and mitigations, including patching and updating software as well as “monitoring network ports, protocols, and services, activity security configurations on network infrastructure devices such as firewalls and routers.”

But how can an organization that is already overloaded with cybersecurity activity take on this or other cyber compromise threats?

Celerium’s Compromise Defender™ is a new solution that can be set up in 30 minutes and helps organizations detect and disrupt cyber compromise activity. Organizations using this solution benefit from the defensive measures against the MOVEit cyberattack enabled within Compromise Defender.

Celerium quickly implemented IOCs from CISA for the defense of organizations against the MOVEit vulnerability and associated CL0P ransomware threat. Beyond the current MOVEit threat, Celerium’s Compromise Defender solution can be used against future attacks and threats from CL0P, malware campaigns, and phishing attacks – including those automatically generated by ChatGPT and other AI-enabled technologies and threat actors.

There’s good news for companies and organizations that are concerned about the MOVEit cyberattack and/or future ransomware threats from CL0P or other threat actors. Compromise Defender can be set up in just 30 minutes or less to provide automated, real-time detection and blocking of relevant IOCs, malicious IP addresses, and other cyber threats.

And Celerium offers a 30-day free trial of Compromise Defender. So, an organization could start a free trial today and start defending against the MOVEit/CL0P Ransomware Gang cyberattack almost immediately.

Learn more, and claim your free 30-day trial, here.