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Educating the Educators-- Celerium's New Course for LTPs

July 10, 2023


Celerium’s CMMC Academy just released its CMMC Certified Professional (CCP) Course for Licensed Training Providers (LTPs) in the Cyber Accreditation Body ecosystem.

Celerium’s COO, Chris Gundel, explains the scholarship underpinning our new, online training materials.

“In creating the course materials, our team tapped into our years of experience in implementing cybersecurity compliance standards and developing compliant solutions. We’re excited to play a role in helping to train future CMMC assessors and be part of protecting the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.”


Celerium’s CCP course materials are CAICO Approved Training Materials (CATM), meaning the course is approved by the Cybersecurity Assessor and Instructor Certification Organization (CAICO) and its designated authorized agent, currently ProCert Communications.

When educating people on a complex topic like CMMC, the best place to start is with its key, foundational information. That’s exactly what our Certified CMMC Professional Course does. For use by LTPs, it conveys the fundamental knowledge needed to train professionals supporting the implementation of CMMC.

Those who complete this course will understand CMMC’s ...

Concepts| Structure| Regulations| Processes| Standards

The course materials are delivered via:

  • A comprehensive 553-page instructor kit in slide deck form that covers all six domains in CMMC in 16 modules to enable certified CMMC instructors to cover all the necessary information effectively. Each module includes a quiz.
  • A comprehensive 713-page student guide to enable students to follow along, capture important information and prepare for the course examination.
  • Digital access to all course materials via a secure online portal.

Read press release for more information.

Learn more, and purchase course here.