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Celerium Acquires Dark Cubed

September 12, 2022


The acquisition signals an evolution of Celerium's business to powering active cyber defense solutions.

We're starting the new work week off with exciting news: Celerium has acquired Dark Cubed, the company providing automated network defense to small- and medium-sized businesses and U.S. Department of Defense contractors.

Today, cyber threats continue to increase. In fact, cyber risks top the list of biggest business risks in 2022. Network intrusion was the the most common type of cyber attacks experienced by companies in the United States in 2021.

Infographic: The Biggest Business Risks in 2022 | Statista

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Unfortunately, a lack of resources and the ever-challenging skills gap remain a constant struggle – especially for smaller and medium-sized businesses. And it’s those SMBs that are being targeted by threat actors. According to CISA, “In some ways, small businesses are at a higher risk of cyber attacks than larger businesses because they often have fewer resources dedicated to cybersecurity.”

Our mission has always been to help companies fortify their overall cyber defense posture. The reality of today's cybersecurity climate requires active cyber defense solutions that can address the shortage of cybersecurity workers and tight resources of SMB companies.

Dark Cubed’s product is an advanced, patented, and automated network defense solution. It's easy to implement and cost-effective. The solution will work with Celerium’s Cyber Defense Network™ suite of solutions to provide enhanced capability and functionality for Celerium’s customers and the MSP partners working with Dark Cubed.

Over the next few weeks and months, we look forward to sharing more about the Dark Cubed product, and new active defense solutions.

You can read the official press release announcing the acquisition here.