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Cyber Defense Network™

A unique solution that helps organizations & communities improve their cyber defense.

Cyber Defense Network™

Today, companies of all sizes face increased pressure from ransomware and other cyber threats. In fact, cyber incidents top the list of leading risks to businesses worldwide in 2022, according to a survey conducted by Allianz. However, a large skills gap in the industry coupled with a lack of resources makes it difficult for companies to implement effective cybersecurity measures.

Through our Cyber Defense Network™ (CDN), we power active cyber defense solutions that are easy to implement and effective in the key areas of network defense and compromise defense. Our CDN suite of solutions also focuses on community defense.

In the cyber world, threat actors find the open doors to gain access to multiple targets. By helping improve collective defense of communities, we can make cybersecurity efforts more impactful.

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  • Active cyber defense that is pragmatic and effective
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Easy implementation
  • Automated solutions to help address the cyber skills gap
CDN Network Defender for MSPs