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Cyber Defense Network

A unique solution that helps the community and members improve their cyber defense.

Cyber Defense Network

The Cyber Defense Network is a unique solution that helps the community and members improve their cyber defense.

For both large and mid-sized cyber defenders, collaboration among the community is at the heart of the Cyber Defense Network experience. Sharing cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is an essential step among trusted partners by enabling faster defensive actions. It can be a great precursor to mobilizing the community to more defensive actions.

More eyes on the problem means connections between pieces of intelligence get made faster, leading to more effective defense.  If your team is overwhelmed by the amount of cyber threat intelligence you have to sort through, the community also helps you to be more effective with your limited time and resources, as helpful dashboards show you the indicators and observables others in the community are acting on.

Since the focus of CDN is accelerating defensive actions for everyone, sharing and collaboration happen while you're working; you don't have to interrupt your defensive workflow to tell the community what you did. All you have to do is focus on defending your organization - CDN creates the connections to the community. You can also set up action bots to take specified defensive actions on threat intelligence that meet criteria you set, helping you defend your network automatically at the speed of threats.




• Create, share, and receive threat information easily and rapidly
• Quickly assess and prioritize the most relevant data to determine a course of action
• Feed high quality intelligence into technology already in use, enhancing its value and responsiveness
• See similar responses to and actions on threat data by other community members to evaluate your own resilience and response