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Go Ahead, Be Selfish

March 14, 2019


For some organizations, sharing information about cyber threats is a relatively new concept, and the perceived barriers to sharing— overburdened resources, general legal concerns, trust issues, and an unfamiliarity of what to share— can feel burdensome. But participating in trust circles is considered best cybersecurity practice, and it’s even a compliance requirement in some industries. The truth is, sharing information and getting it back can tremendously boost the defense of your own organization, and improve your own cybersecurity posture.

Your first responsibility is to defend your organization. It’s important to understand how this dovetails with sharing information within a larger community:

  1. Information sharing gives you greater awareness of new, emerging threats in the wild right now.
  2. Information sharing gives you richer context about existing threats—more so than just structured data from machines, but rich context from humans coming together and reasoning them out.
  3. Information sharing improves your ability to prioritize threats and make the right security decisions to protect your enterprise.

You can do all of this and reap the benefits without jumping through multiple hoops. It can be seamless. Celerium's Cyber Defense Network™ makes information sharing easy, you can be selfish and (accidentally) altruistic at the same time. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to get more from your current resources, eliminate the extra work of sharing back to the community, and get real-time insight into emerging threats so you’re always one step ahead?

Our Cyber Defense Network™ integrates easily into tools organizations are already using to defend their networks, including SIEMs, firewalls, and endpoint devices, making it seamless to execute cyber defense. Action-Bots even allow users to automate actions for pieces of threat intelligence that meet criteria they set, saving even more time while accelerating defensive actions. 

Your security team can easily share sightings and actions you've taken as you're working, so sharing isn’t an extra step. While your analysts share only sightings, not actual breach information, you can also share anonymously.

Defending against the many cyber threats today means organizations must confront and overcome their reluctance to share information by embracing new and wider trust circles, and understand how information sharing benefits themselves first and foremost—then the community.

Your #1 priority is the defense of your own company. Paradoxically, it’s through community efforts you best protect your own organization from cyber criminals, and significantly reduce both the frequency and impact of attacks and data breaches. 

The Cyber Defense Network™ makes sure that you get the most out of your sharing community simply by doing what you’re already doing: protecting your organization. Let us show you how you can get the most out of threat intelligence sharing without the extra work. Contact us online or call us at 877-624-3771!