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Secure Your MSP to Secure Your Customers

October 27, 2023


In a recent video, Jon “Sauce” Marinaro, director of technical sales for Celerium, describes productive ways that MSPs can secure their businesses in order to protect their customers’ business. He reports on how the cyber threat landscape has evolved and what you should do in light of these changes.

Jon posits:

“Landscape threats aren’t just the realm of those hacky types hiding away in their hoodies, looking at glowing screens, whispering ‘I’m in.’ Notice where he is sitting. He’s at home ... using an infrastructure that is all up in the cloud, accessible by anyone and everyone, and cheap to get running. This is the same infrastructure you’ve been using for your own stacks, your own apps, and your own video streaming and cloud storage.”

 “We are not just seeing this come out of the individual shady types. We’re also seeing this pop up with nation-state actors. No longer needing the massive programs to exploit what you have, but instead buying exploits, or even the stolen data on the dark web they use day in and day out to fill their coffers.”

In this video, Jon prescribes how to combat these threats and threat actors.

For starters, Jon recommends securing your own MSP organization, starting with its firewall as the first line of protection. You need that extra technology to ensure nothing and no one are sneaking in.

Jon reports that threat actors are targeting your IT organization because they know you have access to all of your customer’s infrastructure. Jon shares: “Look at the vast majority of big hacks that are out there. These are the ones against companies that are massive, have large IT departments, have people constantly focused on this kind of stuff. And the way people get around that is by people ... the infamous Target hack ... where an HVAC guy’s passwords let him into the system.”

A second prescription Jon shares is the use of automatic threat detection and blocking to help you secure your and your customer’s business. As an example, Jon depicts how smaller businesses – like dentist and doctor’s offices – engage MSPs to secure the safety of their patients’ records. He highlights Celerium’s CDN Network Defender as a viable way to identify the threats coming into your customer’s network and automatically block them to stop bad actors from gaining access. He explains how Network Defender grabs threat intelligence from across the Internet, including intelligence from high-end threat feeds. It then correlates, compares and scores all that intelligence, enabling you to determine if a threat is a false positive or something you need to act upon.

In this video, Jon also prescribes Celerium’s CMMC Insights Courses as a productive way to prepare for your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) assessment.

Watching this information-packed video will be time well spent.