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What’s New in Mission Center? Integration with MISP & Splunk and First-Half 2022 Roadmap

November 16, 2021


Last week, we shared our first-half 2022 roadmap for our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Router.

Now, we’re excited to share updates on Mission Center, our secure collaboration solution that powers cyber threat sharing and more. 

Earlier this year, Mission Center was enhanced with the ability to integrate directly with MISP and Splunk® Enterprise Security. Tactical threat information -- such as IP addresses, URLs, and hashes –- can be extracted from Mission Center into a format that can be transferred and automatically consumed into one or both of the platforms. This integration allows users to receive data in a format that organizations can auto-consume.

In Q4 2021, we’re adding support for STIX 2.1.

Looking ahead to next year, the first-half 2022 roadmap for Mission Center includes:

  • Secure messaging: This will allow users to send messages to individuals, groups, or the entire community in a secure environment.

  • Threat extraction capability from attachments/documents: Extract indicators from attachments (documents/PDFs/Excel) on posts in Mission Center message boards. This will streamline analysts’ process making it more efficient to extract threats.

Learn more about Mission Center and request a demo today.