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For defense contractors

Gain access to upcoming Academy webinars and briefings designed to help you plan and prepare for your assessment and compliance with the DOD CMMC program.

As cybersecurity threats increase in intensity and impact, the U.S. Department of Defense  has created the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and made it a requirement for any company that seeks to contract with the DOD. 

The CMMC Academy helps suppliers to the Department of Defense understand the CMMC requirements, with additional details regarding the first three levels of CMMC. Members have access to a series of webinars and in-person briefing events in our Briefing Center in Tysons Corner, Va. A help desk and other features will be available soon. 


  • Gain access to our series of webinars, starting January 30
  • Receive invitations to our CMMC Academy events held in our Briefing Center in Tysons Corner, VA
  • Dive deeper into the CMMC controls and learn more about how your company can become CMMC certified

CMMC Academy is an initiative of Celerium,  Inc., a company that specializes in cyber threat information and sharing. 


CMMC Academy is for suppliers of the Department of Defense. If you are interested in the CMMC Academy, but are not affiliated with a DOD supplier, please click here. 

Apply for CMMC Academy

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CMMC Academy

We help suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense understand the requirements of CMMC. 

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Series of Webinars 

Apply for the CMMC Academy to gain access to our upcoming series of members-only webinars. 

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CMMC Briefings

CMMC Academy members are invited to in-person briefings held in our Briefing Center in Tysons Pointe, McLean, VA. 

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Dive Into the CMMC Controls 

Learn more about the CMMC levels and requirements, and understand how your company can get certified.