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First CMMC C3PAO Authorized

June 11, 2021


It's official -- the first authorized C3PAO (certified third-party assessment organization) was announced this week. More assessors are expected to be authorized this summer. 

In the official announcement, CMMC Accreditation Body CEO Matthew Travis noted this as a "significant milestone" and added: "As recent events emphasize how aggressively cyber threat actors are targeting our nation, the role of CMMC is more vital than ever as we take a united approach to protecting critical assets and information within the Defense Industrial Base.”

The CMMC Academy offers several resources to help companies as they prepare for CMMC assessment. 

1) CMMC Insights Courses

We recently introduced our new fee-based CMMC Insights courses for government suppliers. These courses are intended to help companies that contract with the U.S. government (DoD, GSA, DHS, or other agency) prepare for CMMC assessment.

The CMMC Insights courses help improve understanding of what the CMMC assessor will be looking for during a CMMC assessment. 

Now available is our CMMC Insights: Foundations & Level 1 Course. A Level 3 course is coming in July 2021. The Insights course provides rich educational and insightful material that can significantly enhance understanding of CMMC at the specified level as well as accelerate a company's readiness for CMMC assessment. This is a fully online course that comes with an advanced online reference guide and an advanced version of our popular self-assessment tool.

Note: Purchasing the course includes access for 12 months. We will provide updates in the course learning portal as the CMMC program evolves and more clarity is provided on items such as reciprocity. 

If your company is looking to get certified at CMMC Level 1, you can learn more about the course on the Celerium website here. 

Per the flow-down clause, prime contractors may need their subs to be CMMC compliant. If your company relies on subs that may need to be certified at CMMC Level 1, contact us to learn more about how this CMMC Insights course can help. 

2) Self-Assessment Tool (Free)

Our free CMMC self-assessment solution is a great resource to help gauge a company's CMMC readiness. 

  • This self-assessment tool supports CMMC levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
  • Companies can assess the implementation of their CMMC practices.
  • Dashboards show a high-level view of CMMC practice and process status.
  • Note: This assessment tool does not provide a score. If you need to provide a score to the DoD's SPRS site, please use our NIST 800-171 assessment tool. 

Explore our CMMC/NIST compliance resources here

3) Online Reference Guide & On-Demand Videos

The CMMC Academy site also provides an easy-to-navigate online reference guide that makes it easier to navigate the domains and practices in all five CMMC levels.

You also can view on-demand videos to learn more about CMMC, including:

  • CMMC rollout updates
  • Videos from our CMMC Virtual Summit featuring Katie Arrington, CISO for the U.S. DoD Acquisition Office
  • Introduction to CMMC for small & medium-sized businesses
  • CMMC vs. NIST 

Join the CMMC Academy here. 

About the CMMC Academy

Since January 2020, the CMMC Academy has provided webinars, videos, reference guides, and self-assessment tools to help companies in the defense community get ready for CMMC. 

Celerium, the company that created and supports the CMMC Academy, is one of the companies to be both a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) and Licensed Training Provider (LTP) with the CMMC Accreditation Body. In this role, we are one of a few companies that are building educational content for future CMMC Assessors. We've gained great insights into the ways CMMC Assessors will review your company for CMMC certification. While our CMMC Insights courses are for suppliers, an assessor course is forthcoming.